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The posts and site has been redirected to, now you can feel the thrill of hacking on my new site

About g0ld3nph03nix

Hello folks, myself tushar Kumbhare. I am 21 years old Engineering student pursuing my B.E. from KITS, Ramtek. I am First level Certified Ethical Hacker. Right from my childhood I had a keen interest in the things which goes around myself and i m passionately curious about them.Human psychology and behavior(specially hypnotism) is also my topic of research and i m also a first level practitioner of hypnotism and prior to this i have written Blogs on Hypnotism and Mind power. I have done lot of research in Physics and Mathematics since my high schools, and published some research papers on that topic, specially on Special and General Relativity. Actually my topics of interest changes according to time, Presently I moved my interest on Cyber Security and Hacking. This topic is actually new to me but i m working hard on it. I m working as admin of this site under the name “pheonix008“. The purpose of this is to make you aware of latest security threats and their solutions. So Do visit the site regularly and do comment on posts and stay updated… cozzz “when you stay UPDATED…. u stay SAFE….”

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