About Myself (G0ld3nph0enix)

By Gold3nph03nix

Hello folks, myself  G0ld3nph03nix. I am CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER from INNOBUZZ, and a PROGRAMMER. I am extermly passionate about hacking therefore i thought to write on Cyber Security and Hacking.I have a good experience of this topic and still a passionate learner. I am working as administrator, an Owner and an Author of this site with name aka “G0ld3nph03nix – Just risen 4m th3 Ashes”.

This site has 2 key purposes

1) Awareness (to educate)- The Purpose of this site is to educate the masses about both OLD and NEW (latest) ways of attacking a particular system and its security. This site is primarily and Mainly dedicated to hacking. It contains both ‘WHITE HAT’ and ‘BLACK HAT‘ methods to by which a working of Computers and Internet system can studied better and the ways to expose their weakness. It also contains a ethical ways by which security systems can be penetrated and tested to compromise their security. It also Contains their solutions and preventions to stay protected and to keep such malicious threats away from your systems.

2) Updatedness- Updateness can be achieved by giving the readers the latest knowledge about the topic of internet and cyber security. This site keeps the Knowledge of the readers updated on this topic.
Do visit the site regularly and do comment on posts and stay educated and updated…!!

 “stay EDUCATED – stay UPDATED –>stay SMART – stay SAFE”



























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