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G0ld3nPh03nIx – Ris3n 4m th3 Ashes…..

GoldenPhoenix – Just risen from the ASHES……………!!

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G0ld3nPh03niX’s Profile……!

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I AM G0ld3nPho3niX – Just Risen 4m th3 Ashes…

Hello folks, myself Tushar Kumbhare. I am 21 years old Engineering student pursuing my B.E. I am First level Certified Ethical Hacker, and programmer. I am also a first level practitioner of hypnotism and prior to this i have written Blogs on Hypnotism and Mind power.Presently I moved my interest on Cyber Security and Hacking.I have a good experience of this topic . I am working as administrator, an Owner and an Author of this site with name aka “g0ld3nph0enix – Just risen 4m th3 Ashes”. The purpose of this site is to keep each and every people updated about the latest security breaches taking place in the cyber world around them, the latest security threats, the cure and their prevention. The initiative was to make every single people get through the concepts though they haven’t ever worked on this domain. So Do visit the site regularly and do comment on posts and stay updated… cozzz

“when you stay UPDATED…. u stay SAFE….”

Thats why “stay UPDATED – stay SMART”


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